Assistive Technology Workshops at the Library

Assistive Technology Workshops

Below table shows you the type of assistive software workshops, we deliver at the Library. Click here to see what is available in this month.

Assitive Technology Workshops Categories Level
DRGN1001 – Prepare your Dragon for dictation Speech-to-Text Software Beginner
DRGN1002 – How to use Dragon to start your first dictation Speech-to-Text Software Beginner
How to create professional Gantt charts with Mind View Mind Mapping /Gantt Intermediate
How to use MindGenius mind mapping software with Microsoft Word Mind Mapping / Word Beginner / Intermediate
How to use the reading back features in TextHelp Read & Write Text-to-Speech Software Beginner / Intermediate
Introduction to ClaroRead and Include Me text-to-speech software Text-to-Speech Software Beginner
Introduction to Inspiration Mind Mapping Beginner
Introduction to Mind View Mind Mapping Beginner
Introduction to MindGenius Mind Mapping Beginner
Manage a project with Mind Genius Resources and Gantt Views Mind Mapping / Gantt Beginner
Manage your project with Mind View and create professional Gantt charts Mind Mapping /Gantt Advanced
Use Audio Notetaker to record and review your lecture notes Note Taking Software Beginner


Jina Ali

Assistive Technolgy Officer at the Kimberlin Library (DMU).