Assistive Technology at DMU

What type of Assistive Technolgy (AT) do we have at DMU?

We have a range of assistive technology (AT) that you can access at the Kimberlin Library and in our other spaces. As well as lendable AT equipment, we also have a range of AT software on our Library PCs that can assist with Reading, Writing, Planning and Studying. Find out what is available at the library by clicking here to see our library guide.

How do you choose the right assistive technology?

You may not be sure of how to use AT software or wish to access further training. At DMU you can book a one-to-one tutorial for further instruction on the following assistive software (correct as per 1st Oct 2017):

  • Audio Notetaker
  • Notetalker
  • TextHelp Read & Write
  • Dragon
  • Include Me
  • ClaroRead
  • Inspiration
  • MindGenius
  • Mind View
  • Zoom Text

We also run a range of AT workshops throughout the academic year. Click here to see what’s on at the Library. You will find workshop e-learning material in this blog. See the various posts from the drop-down menu above.

Jina Ali

Assistive Technolgy Officer at the Kimberlin Library (DMU).

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