About the AT Blog

AT Blog www.at.our-archive.dmu.ac.uk

The AT Blog will have regular posts on matters of assistive technology (AT) and software. You will find instructive ‘How To’ articles and posts on the role different types of assistive software can have in your assignments. We have also included links to external AT online resources. The posts in the blog are mainly about assistive software on Windows. 

The assistive software available in the Library at De Montfort University ranges from text-to-speech, speech-to-text, notetaking, screen magnification, to mind mapping software. We also have Spellex installed on the designated Assistive Technology PCs, which adds an extensive medical and legal dictionary (spell-check) to Microsoft Word.

As this is a new blog, I aim to upload as many new posts as quickly as I can. So, keep posted for new topics every month. Don’t forget that you can also attend an AT workshop at the library or book a tutorial via our online booking page.

The blog may be off-line during a daily down-time for maintenance between 4-8 a.m.  

Don’t hesitate to post comments or questions after any of the posts. I’ll endeavour to answer them when possible. Alternatively, you can always email me at lidbis@dmu.ac.uk.

Jina Ali
Assistive Technology Officer
De Montfort University