How to use the Question Sets in MindGenius

The Question Sets feature in MindGenius 6 (MG6) can help identify important aspects of your project or assignment by making you look at it from different perspectives. In the new MindGenius 2018 (MG2018), this feature is called the Solution Finder. An article about the new version of MindGenius will be posted over the summer. Sign up to follow our blog to receive notifications on the new MG2018 article.

The Question Sets in MG6

Question Sets prompts you with key questions on a variety of topics to give your map structure and keep you on track. The questions prompt you to think about your topic from different viewpoints. It is an excellent way to start a mind map if you are unsure about the topic of your assignment or what to research. You can use the template questions already in MG6 or create your own questions. Click on pictures to enlarge view.

By using the questions set, you can identify and establish the facts around your topic by looking at it from different viewpoints as set out by the questions. For example, the Decision-Making question set uses the basic 5W1H approach: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. The picture below outlines the various prompt questions under each of these. You can then also colour code your ideas in accordance with the assigned category of questions. This will help you later when converting your brainstorming idea generation into a mind map.

Screenshot of MG6 Question Template

Screenshot of the Decision Making question sets in MG6 (MindGenius, 2015).

Question sets are hierarchical and operate like the map explorer with expanding or collapsing levels to see the questions.

Expand or Collapse levels of the questions (MindGenius, 2015).

Expand or Collapse levels of the questions (MindGenius, 2015).

Converting your answers to a Mind Map

Convert your ideas and answers to a mind map by clicking on the Brainstorm Map button. You can choose from three types of maps: unstructured, category-centric or question-centric maps.


MindGenius. (2015). MindGenius Ltd.

Jina Ali

Assistive Technolgy Officer at the Kimberlin Library (DMU).